To Camera.

date. October/December 2019

venue. Cambridge Junction/top of the Golden Hind

mode. Text

director. Carla Keen/Richard McNally

To Camera was a piece I created after watching debbie tucker green's Ear for Eye, and as a comment on the male gaze.

I performed it as part of a movement piece at Cambridge Junction's Scratch Night, in October 2019. The text was spoken (from a recording) without any verbal reply from the female character - only an improvised movement score. The idea behind this was to highlight her lack of agency as much as possible. 

The second performance was part of Cambridge script writer's forum, WRiTEON, and was directed by Richard McNally. I removed the names/genders/titles and asked him to interpret it openly. It was performed twice on the same night in two contrasting ways. 


Images: Getty/Carla Keen