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date. various

venue. Camden People's Theatre, RVT, Cambridge Junction 

genre. comedy/drag/clown

director. Deanna Fleysher

'Max Velocity Takes Up Space' is a one-man intergalactic planetary comedy experience. It includes mullet-based humour and Max's unconventional approach to astronaut training.

Max Velocity looks at masculinity, science, and privilege through the lens of both performer (cis woman, queer, working in sci-comms), and character (cis man, heterosexual, struggling with his relevance in a changing world.)

Max Velocity started life as a micro-commission for the intermission of Figs in Wigs' show 'Astrology Bingo' at Cambridge Junction. He has (perhaps unsurprisingly) begun to take up more space, performing at the Royal Vauxhall Tavern and Cambridge Junction once more.


I have since developed an hour-long piece, co-devised and directed by Deanna Fleysher (Butt Kapinsky) called 'Max Velocity Takes Up Space'. This was scratched at the Rosemary Branch as part of a night I co-curated called 'Manhood 101'. I subsequently performed the full hour as part of 'Calm Down Dear' at Camden People's Theatre in May 2022. 

Deanna explains this style of clown, which I think explains Max well: 'It doesn’t necessarily mean not being smart. It means being ambitious, but maybe one’s ambitions are a little out of sync with what’s actually possible. That’s dumb, but it’s still relatable dumb...'

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Max Velocity at King of Clubs

Max Velocity at King of Clubs

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