date. Ongoing

venue. Online

mode. Improvised podcast comedy shorts

director. Carla Keen

LISTEN HERE: https://occupationalhazards.podbean.com/

Improvised comedy shorts about people and work. And how when put together, are often problematic.

My theatre company, The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences, usually improvise on stage. While there are no restrictions in terms of what we can imagine, simply being in the physical environment of a theatre - often a very visual medium - means we aren't as creative with activity as we could be. This podcast series is a challenge to create a sense of action and momentum to drive a scene, while still building relationship and character.

The podcast is entirely improvised in one take with nothing cut out, and nothing added apart from the sound effects. There is no pre-planning and scripting.


Graphic design and photo, Carla Keen. Podcast logos copyright of Apple, Soundcloud and Spotify