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 'It’s an incredibly inspiring trait, to be able to take a bad situation and
use it to thrive, and one that theatre maker Carla Keen has in bundles.'
- A Younger Theatre on // SEED, created in lockdown 2020



Max wants to go into space. Specifically, he wants to be the first mullet in space. He sees it as the new frontier, a way to show everyone what it means to be an individual, but he's not blind to the sexism in NASA. He also loves the Beastie boys. And rockets. Don't forget the rockets

I developed Max as a micro-commission from Cambridge Junction to accompany Figs in Wigs' Astrology Bingo. The fact that since then two billionaires have gone into space since then is a happy coincidence. You can see Max at the Junction on 10 August



the ministry.

I am the artistic director and a co-founder of The Ministry of Unplanned Occurrences, a company who focus on moment-specific theatre. Moment-specific theatre describes theatre pieces which is unscripted, improvised, and entirely specific to that one place and/or time.

Recently, we have been creating work adapted for the digital realm which stretches the meaning of liveness and 'in the moment'. The Apartment is filmed in our different homes, but is set in the same household, and plays with how peoples' attitudes to living communally collide; and our improvised podcast Occupational Hazards, is a single scene depicting a slice of life from a different place and time every episode.

Our work is also often touches on themes of queerness, mental health, and class, subjects which are important to members of the company. 


digital & design.

Like many artists, I have more than one creative passion. In addition to being a theatre-maker, I am also a graphic designer and marketer - skills which have helped me to adapt to the realm of digital theatre.


I have extensive experience helping organisations and individuals to develop their visual and digital identity. I am especially passionate about working with artists and community organisations to get their work seen.


I can help you with:

Creating graphical assets for digital and print

Website design and implementation

Social media

Copywriting and blogs 

Marketing strategy and branding

'Very straightforward process and an excellent outcome. Carla asked some great questions to get me to construct a clear brief, and then really nailed the brief with much less to-and-fro than I expected. Really characterful work that had just the vibe I wanted.'

- Jason Buckley, The Philosophy Man: the UK's leading provider of P4C training



I have been teaching improvisation for over eight years, from eight-week beginners courses to masterclasses in improvised dramaturgy and character. I also run workshops for groups who want to work on their communication and presentation skills.

Before I taught improvisation, I worked as a CELTA-qualified English as a Foreign Language teacher, and I have taught people from a wide-variety of backgrounds and ages throughout my career.

I enjoy holding space for people to feel safe and creative, and this care for participants can often also be seen in the work I make as a theatre practitioner.

'Our students loved working with really helped our group of students from diverse backgrounds get to know each other and set the tone of acceptance and support for the week. Carla exceeded our expectations and our students cited her improv session as one of the highlights of the week.'

- Rachel Gil, Associate Director, Cresset Capital

'If you want somewhere to learn improv, this is a safe, fun, and encouraging environment in which to do it... I thoroughly recommend it.'

- Simone, Student in an adult beginners class



My name is Carla Keen, and I am a theatre-maker based in Cambridge, UK. I make work with an interest in form(at) and structure, and an interest in what is happening in the space in the moment.

Primarily, I am a theatrical improviser/performer; I have also trained in clown, movement and play-writing. I also have a keen visual eye, and I design much of my work. (This is why I enjoy the holism of the word 'theatre-maker'.)


Prior to this, I worked in the performing arts for many years follow-spotting for international theatre tours in a large receiving house.

I have an MA in Advanced Theatre Practice from the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and a BA in English Studies from Oxford Brookes University.




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